Maleny Business Network Information Memorandum

The Maleny Business Network was established for two purposes:

  1. To provide participants with an interactive group of business contacts and peers within which members can gain knowledge and business support, to refer clients to, and receive client referrals from; and
  2. Supporting community causes.  Whilst the network will not actively fundraise for community benefit, two thirds of the membership fees raised each year will be distributed to local charitable associations.

Limit on Membership

Participants will be eligible for membership on the basis that they operate within the geographical region and it is reasonable to expect that the network will be able to refer clients to the business and the business will benefit from such referrals.  Retail shops are not expected to be able to directly benefit from membership and hence there would not be expected to be any real benefit in such businesses being members.

When any individual (or their related party) owns more than one business and those businesses cover more than one category, then only one membership for a nominated category will be appropriate.  It is expected that one member will in effect provide benefit to the ‘family’ even across categories.

Membership will be limited to 20 participants at any one time and only one business from any business category may be represented at any one time.  In the event that a potential new member entrant may cross-over an existing members business category the potential new member will not be able to participate without the agreement of the existing affected member.

Geographic Region

Members must be operating their businesses within the greater Maleny region (on the range).


The membership will meet for breakfast on 2nd and fourth Tuesday mornings of each month.  No meetings will be held on the 4th Tuesday in December or the first Tuesday in January each year.  If a scheduled meeting falls on a public holiday then no meeting will be held.  Meetings will convene at 7.15am for a 7.30am commencement.  Breakfast will be served during the meeting and members are required to pay for their own breakfast each meeting.  Meetings will be held at Monica’s (upstairs) unless members collectively wish to use an alternative venue.


It is expected that members will attend at least 70% of meetings.  Alternative representatives from the member business are able to attend should the business primary member not be able to attend.

Membership Fees

Annual membership is set at $450.00 covering the period 1 July to 30 June each year.  Half year membership applies from 1 January each year.  Fees are payable on commencement or on 1 July each year.

Fees will be banked in a separate account to be operated at the banking member’s branch.  The banking category member and the network coordinator shall jointly sign on the account held as a joint account solely for the purpose of the network.

Objectives of the Network

The objects of the network are:

  • To provide business referrals to members.
  • To support local charitable organizations.
  • To provide fellowship between members.
  • To share business related knowledge and experience between members.

Management of network

The network will not have office bearers as such, but will have members who are prepared to fulfill roles each period.  It is the responsibility of the incumbent member to gain the agreement of another member to fulfill their role should they be temporarily unavailable or no longer wish to play the role.

The rolls required are:

  • Network coordinator
  • Meeting Chair – this can change each meeting
  • Meeting note taker and attendance register convener – this can also change each meeting.

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